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Magic Healing Balm

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Wonilbio Co., Ltd. is a company founded by a group of twenty Oriental medicine doctors whose vision was to take the results from years of research into the effectiveness of herbal medicine and herbal extraction processes and transform them into a range of outstanding products. Located in the Oriental Medicine Industry Hall of Choongbook Technopark in Jaechon City, known as the city of Oriental medicine, Wonilbio Ltd. is becoming known as an Oriental Medicine Store that develops, distributes and retails a variety of health, skincare and household items made from Oriental herbal medicine.


This oriental herbal balm is formulated with a blend of ten oriental herbs 

(Angelica Gigas Root Extract, Lithospermum Erythrorhizon Root Extract, Lonicera Japonica Flower Extract etc.) and aroma oil, not only to keep your skin radiant and firm but also to repair skin troubles.Our formula also soothes your sensitive skin by promoting the blood circulation and metabolism of skin. Combined with oregano oil, aka a good antibiotic and rejuvenator, the formulation improves its ability to recover damage to skin.



A perfect oriental multi balm that provides moisture and nutrition as well as soothes the skin through reinterpretation Jaungo formula written in Donguibogam, an ancient Korean medical book. 

1.Extracted from vegetable oil in which carefully selected medicinal herbs are matured.
2.Low-temperature heat extraction method
3.Steroid-no added
4.Natural colors


- Magic Healing Balm can be applied to sunburns and hand burns, helping soothe and regenerate the skin. 
- It can be applied to light scratches or mosquito and insect bites, helping relieve and soothe itchiness.
- It can be applied to babies’ diaper rashes, helping soothe and regenerate the skin. 
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Magic Healing Balm