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Handmade Natural Herbal Medicine Soaps

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[Wonil Bio Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Wonilbio Co., Ltd. is a company founded by a group of twenty Oriental medicine doctors whose vision was to take the results from years of research into the effectiveness of herbal medicine and herbal extraction processes and transform them into a range of outstanding products. Located in the Oriental Medicine Industry Hall of Choongbook Technopark in Jaechon City, known as the city of Oriental medicine, Wonilbio Ltd. is becoming known as an Oriental Medicine Store that develops, distributes and retails a variety of health, skincare and household items made from Oriental herbal medicine.


Red Ginseng Soap: Elasticity/Whitening/Skin Moisturization/Breakouts
Sulfur Soap: Sensitive skin/Eczema/Treats blemishes and problem areas
Redroot Gromwell Soap: Treats breakouts/Moisturizes/Improves blood circulation in skin
Chinese Indigo Soap: Acne/Sensitive skin/Treats blemishes and breakouts
Charcoal Soap: Oily skin/Sebum control/Pore cleansing
Red Clay Soap: Deep cleansing/Moisturizes/Prevents breakouts