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Wonil Jin Shampoo

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Wonilbio Co., Ltd. is a company founded by a group of twenty Oriental medicine doctors whose vision was to take the results from years of research into the effectiveness of herbal medicine and herbal extraction processes and transform them into a range of outstanding products. Located in the Oriental Medicine Industry Hall of Choongbook Technopark in Jaechon City, known as the city of Oriental medicine, Wonilbio Ltd. is becoming known as an Oriental Medicine Store that develops, distributes and retails a variety of health, skincare and household items made from Oriental herbal medicine.




Natural Herbal Medicine made from Guk-hwa-san 

Gukhwasan is a prescription from an old Korean medicinal book that helps to calm infections and makes hair shiny and healthy. Camomile,, espinosilla, nettle, vervain, rosemary herb extracts have been added to this prescription to create a shampoo that provides hair with nutrients and oxygen, treats and prevents hair damage.




With Guk-hwa-san of Dong-ui-bo-gam (the Principles and Practices of Eastern Medicine) being the fundamental prescription, highly concentrated oriental herb extracts supply nutrients and oxygen to scalp and hair, and thus improves elasticity and shine of your hair. 

1.Naturally fermented enzyme
 - With natural cleansing agents, it soothes itchy scalp and makes your scalp healthy.
2. Added with herb extracts
 - It contains herb extracts of espinosillia, nettle, vervain, rosemary, and chamomile, supplying nutrition and oxygen to the scalp, preventing the damage to the scalp, and helping restore the damaged scalp. 


ISO 9001, ISO 14001
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Wonil Jin Shampoo