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Multi-Intensive dew essence

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Returns a natural beauty with dew containing a millenary wisdom 
The beauty found in nature, a right wisdom that controls the skin 
A traditional oriental medicine thinks naturalness is the best beauty not artificial beauty. When Yin-Yang and the five elements of a human body is in harmony, skin maintains most healthy and balanced skin condition. 



“LIKE DEW” with a special material composition only by me

1. Herbal extract complex per function
2. 8 kinds of medicinal herb extracting oil
3. Instead of distilled water, herbal complex prescription extract per function, Organic licorice water [USDA certification] which is good for moisturizing.

“LIKE DEW” all products consists of the special ingredients that oriental medicine professional researchers prescribe and extract directly with a traditional method.



1.Special water prescription
 - special water extracted directly with a traditional distillation method provides shine and elasticity to the skin

2.Dual hyaluronic acid prescription
 - Hyaluronic acid prescribed by a dual structure improves pulling in the skin and forms a strong moisturizing film

3.Independently developed herbal complex extract prescription
 -  solution for clear complexion lightens the hidden light of the skin.

4.Triple peptide prescription that fills the space of the skin
 - Provides younger elastic healthiness by adhering delicately between deep and fine space concerned to the skin.

5.(KFDA) notified ingredient (Ingredients prescription certified by KFDA)
 - Helps for anti-wrinkle and whitening containing adenosine and alpha-bisabolol that is the KDFA notified ingredient.
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Multi_Intensive dew essence

Multi_Intensive dew essence